Date:June 6, 2018
Time:1:00pm - 4:00pm



Instructor:  Alicia Taylor-Austin

June 5 and 6, 1 – 4pm

Price:  $67.50 for members, $75 non-members

3 min / 8 max


Did you know you can turn plants and old t-shirts into a stack of beautiful handmade paper? This workshop offers an introduction to the process of making paper by hand. Class includes demonstrations and hands-on experience in each stage of the process; transforming fiber into pulp and pulp into paper.  All ages welcome, no experience necessary. 

All materials and tools for cotton paper with daylily and hasta fiber will be provided. Students can choose to bring any of the following materials to make their own experimental batch of pulp for papermaking: Discarded or damaged books, 100% cotton t-shirts or the contents of your home or office paper recycling bin.