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Collection: Berta Frey Collection
Object Id Number: 87.6.37a
Object Name: Sample
Description: Sample fragment woven in cream synthetic yarn; undulating point twill, warp is single ply synthetic, weft is wrapped synthetic. Selvedge on one side and other side cut with rectangular section cut out. The dent spacing creates groups of three bands running lengthwise along yardage, separated by poiht twill bands.
Subjects: Warp: Synthetic Fiber - Unknown. Weft: Synthetic Fiber - Unknown (Udf1)
Warp: single ply S twist; Weft: two ply wrap (Udf2)
Woven - twill (Udf3)
None (Udf4)
Fiber or Yarn dyed (Udf5)
Geometric (Udf6)
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