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Date:August 10, 2020
Time:9:00am - 12:00pm



Paula Allen

Monday through Friday | August 10 through 14 | 9am - noon

Member: $115 | Non-member: $127

5 min / 15 max

Ages 6 – 10

This fun class will teach kids the process of animation – or if you already know a little about animation, how to become even better!  We’ll learn and practice stop motion, digital animation, drawing, cartooning, storyboarding, and character design with many of student’s characters going into an animated film about the invasive species and pollution related to St. Lawrence River.

Class will be held at Christ Episcopal Church at the corner of John and Hugunin Streets.

Students will need to bring an iPad, iPhone, tablet or laptop to work on, and download FlipaClip and StopMotion to your device prior to the first day of class.

We will take a field trip to Save the River on the first day of class to hear about the health and habitat of the St. Lawrence River, as well as wetland and aquatic invasive species.