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Collection: Berta Frey Collection
Object Id Number: 87.6.35
Object Name: Cloth Fragment
Description: Natural cotton and tan cotton cloth fragment showing a fancy twill weave. Weave creates a pattern of alternating rows of connected diamonds. In one row the center of each diamond features tan warp threads, in alternate row each diaond center features natural cotton weft yarn.

Warp is a two ply fine cotton S twist, blending natural and tan cotton. Weft threads are thick cotton yarn plied with fine cotton thread. One short section of selvedge remains. Other edges are raw cut.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf1)
Two ply S twist (Udf2)
Woven -Twill (Udf3)
None (Udf4)
Fiber or Yarn dyed (Udf5)
Geometric (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf7)
Two ply S twist (Udf8)
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