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Collection: Mabel Markell Collection
Object Id Number: 99.1.1
Object Name: Curtain, Window
Date Item Created: n/d
Description: Flat window covering panel. Woven of fine grey and rose yarns. Casement at top of machined fabric for curtain rod. Deep hem at bottom. Weave structure creates overall pattern of narrow vertical sawtooth stripes alternating grey and rose.

Two selvedges turned over and hemmed. Two hemmed ends.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Wool (Udf1)
Woven - Unknown Weave (Udf3)
Unknown (Udf4)
Fiber or Yarn dyed (Udf5)
Geometric/Stripes (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Wool (Udf7)
Sewn, machine (Udf9)
Artifact (Udf10)
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