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Collection: Ruth N. Holroyd Collection
Object Id Number: 99.10.4
Object Name: Placemat
Date Item Created: n/d
Description: Placemat in deep salmon pink and bright green. Broken twill with green in weft only and salmon in warp only. Both yarns have lustre and green is particularly shiny. Two selvedges and two hand-stitched hems. Maker's label stitched on reads: "designed & handwoven by / AINA RINGLER"
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf1)
Woven - Twill Variation (Udf3)
Unknown (Udf4)
Fiber or Yarn dyed (Udf5)
No pattern (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf7)
Sewn, hand (Udf9)
Artifact (Udf10)
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