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Collection: Alice Mattil Collection
Object Id Number: 00.20.37
Object Name: sample, woven
Description: Sample - Window blind or placemat. Warp alternates between green wheat straw and olive yarn. Wide and narrow bands of color (weft stripes) are spaced out so warp shows. Weft stripes are olive, cream, and blue.

Alice Mattil made several samples (see "related objects") of placemats and window blinds. A note with the objects reads, "I did many placemats and window blinds for family and friends. I experimented for weavings using natural Kansas materials."
Subjects: Natural Material - Non fiber (i.e. wood, bamboo strip)//Natural Fiber - Cot (Udf1)
Yarn dyed (Udf5)
Stripes (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf7)
Artifact (Udf10)
Artist: Mattil, Alice
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