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Collection: Dorothy Burton's Bronson Study Collection
Object Id Number: 2010.01.02
Object Name: Sample
Description: Handwoven sample - aqua blue mat. Tagged, "Diagram 7, Diamond & Squares for Diaper" - Spot Bronson"; linen. See "Related Publications."

Item is one of 13 items that are Dorothy Burton's interpretation of the drafts on pages 66-72 in the book "Domestic manufacturer's Assistant and Family Directory in the Arts of Weaving and Dyeing" by J. and R. Bronson, published 1817. She published them in "Versatile Bronson" on pages 13-21.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Linen (Udf1)
Woven - Spot Bronson (Udf3)
Geometric (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Linen (Udf7)
Object - Handweaving Instruction (Udf10)
Artist: Burton, Dorothy
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