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Collection: Elizabeth Terlouw Collection
Object Id Number: 00.26.2a-b
Object Name: fragment, woven
Date Item Created: c. 1900
Description: Two blanket fragments. Camel color and orange-red. Intersecting stripes. Hem on one edge of (A) is blanket stitched in red thread. Twill, double weave.
Note on catalog card by Sonja Whal says "there may be fragments cut of the same blanket in the collection."
Note on catalog card also says "note dark blue woolen stitches @ seam", but we did not see any stitches on 4/1/2010. Perhaps they meant object 00.26.3.

Subjects: Woven -Twill/Woven - Double Weave (Udf3)
Stripes/Plaid (Udf6)
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