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Collection: Lucille Landis Collection
Object Id Number: 92.2.74A-C
Object Name: Sample
Date Item Created: n/d
Description: Three sewed-together samples of Theo Moorman technique.
a) beige and off-white background with four distinct design areas. One is blues and oranges, next is greens and truquoise, next is roses and greens, next is browns and greens. Warp is white cotton or synthetic, untwisted along with beige hemp fiber of boucle twists. Pattern warp threads are varied textured yarns.

b) Off-white and gray background to bright pink/coral central circular motif. Grey forms rectangular background to pink circle. Thick pink cotton yarn is wrapped with silver metallic thread.

c) Background of off-white and black threads with central desing motif of bright pink/coral thick yarn wrapped with silver metallic thread. Intentional circular opening in middle of pink woven with three vertical line of black and off-white warp yarn spanning the opening.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf1)
Woven - Theo Moorman Technique (Udf3)
Unknown (Udf4)
Natural color yarns and fiber or yarn dyed yarns (Udf5)
Abstract (Udf6)
Multiple Fibers - Cotton and Metallic (Udf7)
Artifact (Udf10)
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