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Collection: Berta Frey Collection
Object Id Number: 93.5.117a, b, c, d, e
Object Name: Placemat
Description: Gray linen placemats and one napkin with off white decorative borders. Warp and weft of gray linen with a variety of borders with white linen weft.

Ink inscription on number tag, placemat "a" says: "Handwoven by Mrs. J. H. Frey / 15E 10 St. / NYC, NY."

BF 9024a and BF 1087. Handstitched hems. B says: Same structure and border as A. C has BF of 9028. D has BF of 9027c. E has BF of 9025 or 1087 a-d.
Subjects: Warp: Natural Fiber - Linen (Udf1)
Warp: singles Z twist (Udf2)
Woven - Overshot (Udf3)
None (Udf4)
Natural color (Udf5)
Geometric (Udf6)
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