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Collection: Elizabeth Terlouw Collection
Object Id Number: 95.11.3
Object Name: sample
Date Item Created: 19th century
Description: Sample of woven fabric. Natural linen color, no real pattern. Tagged by Elizabeth Terlouw "Handwoven of handspun linen in Western N.Y. Probably about mid 1800's. Notice Goose-eye twill pattern." Two selvedges, one hemmed edge.
Comments by Ruth Holroyd, "in treadling of the point twill, when changing direction the edge warp thread is dropped and carried along the edge of one side until the direction changes and it is dropped at the other side."
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Linen (Udf1)
Woven - Twill Variations (Udf3)
Natural color (Udf5)
No pattern (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Linen (Udf7)
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