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Collection: Ruth N. Holroyd Collection
Object Id Number: 95.15.12
Object Name: Coverlet
Description: Coverlet - Indigo blue and white coverlet, 8-shaft Summer and Winter weave. Single panel coverlet hemmed at both ends. Selvedge on one side, hemmed on the other. Simple 6 block design, draft could be easily read from the fabric.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf1)
Woven - Summer and Winter (Udf3)
Natural color yarns and fiber or yarn dyed yarns (Udf5)
Geometric (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Linen (possibly)/Natural Fiber - Wool (Udf7)
Object - Handweaving Instruction (Udf10)
Total views for this listing: 1993