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Collection: Mary Snyder Collection
Object Id Number: 95.22.6
Object Name: coverlet
Description: Half of a coverlet - blue and cream. Overshot weave. Pattern-Descriptive III series - wheel pattern, single wheels and table. Similar to Chariot Wheel "Christia and Ring" See book M. Atwater page 192 Illustration 7. Draft page 120 #80 1954 ed. Also, 1947 ed.
Warp - 2ply cotton
Weft - cotton, single, finer than warp
Weft - wool, 2 ply indigo, thick.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Cotton (Udf1)
Woven - Overshot (Udf3)
Yarn dyed (Udf5)
Natural Fiber - Cotton/Natural Fiber - Wool (Udf7)
Artifact (Udf10)
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