If you wish to view or study a specific portion of the collection please call in advance to make an appointment. Currently staff is available to assist you with research Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Please call (315) 686-4123 ext 204 or email marina@tiarscenter.org. 

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Our Permanent Collection
The Thousand Islands Arts Center holds a collection of over 2,200 textiles from around the world, dating from ancient Egyptian times to present day. The primary focus of the collection is on 20th century American handwoven textiles, textile making, and associated social and economic histories. The permanent collection includes a library and an archive which consists of documents pertaining to 20th century American handweaving.

The Textiles
Our major collections include works by Emily Belding, Berta Frey, Lucille Landis, Barbara Pascal, Marjorie Ruth Ross, Gladys Smith, Mary Snyder, Irene Wood, Elizabeth TerLouw, Myra Young, and Ruth Holroyd. All these weavers are nationally and internationally recognized authorities on handweaving. They have been active as artists, lecturers, hands on instructors, scholars, and authors.
Other important artifacts come from handweavers Klara Cherepov, Theo Moorman, Evelyn Neher, Lurene K. Stone and Nell Znamierowski.
Over 90% of the collection has been photographed giving those all over the world the opportunity to search and view our digital images of our permanent collection.

The Library and Archives
The library and archives are a significant part of the permanent collection. The library contains 2,254 titles. While it is a non-lending library, researchers have full access with prearranged appointments. The archives hold records pertaining to 20th century American handweaving. Most of the records concern the careers of specific handweavers who lived and worked in the United States. These records include photographs, letters, journals, teaching notes, self-published booklets, business records and scrapbooks. Alternate media items include sound recordings, video images and image CD’s.