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Call for Teachers

Hello friends!

TIAC is accepting proposals for 2019 classes and we hope you will join us!  Please call or email Marcia to request a Class Proposal form. 

If you will be sending in a proposal, please use this timeline as your guide:

  • Friday, December 14 - Class proposal deadline for submission.

  • January/February – TIAC will go over proposals, confirm classes for 2019, write/edit copy and bios, edit photos, assemble catalog, upload onto website calendars.  We’ll be in touch with you within these months for firm things up.

  • March 4 - finalize catalog and get ready for press.

  • March 8 – upload to printer.

  • April 1 - print catalog back in-house.

As you can see I'd like proposals back by December 14, but the earlier the better for best chance at your preferred dates!  If you prefer to email your proposal back, you can use the proposal form as a guide for the information I need for your class.  Be sure to also email a sample photo(s) of what you propose to do in class (to use in the catalog) as well as your bio.  Also, please be as specific as possible on your class description!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.  I hope to work with you in 2019!

Marcia Rogers

Education and Membership Coordinator

315.686.4123, ext. 203