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One-of-a-kind, Handwoven Tartan Throw 

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Current Bid $900 (As of August 20, 2019)

This beautiful tied double cloth quilt was woven here at the Arts Center by talented Trustee and Wednesday Weaver, Harriet Burris. Made with a silk/wool blend and 44" x 56", this piece would make a lovely addition to any home! 


This tied double cloth coverlet was conceived while planning a doubleweave workshop in early 2017. The cloth structure was designed by David Xenakis for Weaver’s Magazine. The color order was taken directly from the (then) official setts of the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence tartans found at the Scottish Register of Tartans (

The St. Lawrence tartan was designed by Helene Cobb, proprietor of Clan Woolens, in the 1950s. The Thousand Islands tartan was created by Emily Post, a lifelong summer resident on Grindstone Island and a founder and the first Dean of the Thousand Islands Museum Craft School, now the Thousand Islands Arts Center ~ Home of the Handweaving Museum.

The coverlet is woven in Zephyr, a 50/50 silk/wool blend. There are 2,400 threads in the warp (24 warp threads per inch per layer). The weft repeated the warp exactly, with an extra thin weft ‘tying’ weft thread for every 4 pattern threads (60 weft ‘picks’ per inch).

After the coverlet was woven and off the loom, I discovered that there was a difference between my St. Lawrence tartan and the official tartan woven in Scotland for the Thousand Islands Museum, basically the difference between a ‘symmetrical’ and an ‘asymmetrical’ plaid. I enquired with the Scottish Register of Tartans, who responded that their records were gathered from a number of older sources, that this particular sett had not been double checked and that they would correct their record. So if you go to the website now, you will find a symmetrical sett with no reference to the previous version. The person who wins this coverlet will own a unique piece of River history.


Harriet Burris MD, weaver, trustee 2019